Glee:The Brand New Directions Wiki

1.Real name (optional): Brittany 

2.Username: Littlemissbrittany888 3.

Age: 13 4.Name of Character : Elliot Good 5

Character's age: 15 6.

Character's Personality: Always nice, never mean, kind, gorgeus soul, lovely, caring person, Christian 

7.Character's Goal: To work as a missionary in under-privieldged countries 

8.Why do you think this character should be in this fanfic?: Different, unique character who will give the fanfic a soft, comfortable feel... 

9.Who is this character related to? : Is the cousin of Sam. 

10.Audition song: "I'll Stand by You" The Pretenders (covered by Finn on Glee) :) July 16, 2011 by Littlemissbrittany888 


1. Marcus Flint

2. 15 

3. Male 

4. Junior

5. loud, artistic, sexy, out-going, friendly 

6. To settle down and have a family. 

7. Santana and Brittanys adopted son

. 8. He has an amazing voice and loves to be the center of attention

. 9. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato.