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New Directions are the Glee Club of William McKinley High School. It was given the name of "New Directions" after Will Schuester took over the group. The group has won Sectionals the three years it has been led by Mr. Schuester, and although they placed third at Regionals in 2010, they placed first place at Regionals 2011 with the Original Songs: Get It Right and Loser Like Me, as they did at Regionals 2012 consisting of three songs. Two songs performed by New Directions, and a third sung by the former Troubletones.

In their first appearance at Nationals in 2011 they placed 12th and did not qualify for the showcase. In the competition they sang Pretending and Light Up the World. They returned to Nationals in 2012 for a second year in a row, performing Edge of Glory, It's All Coming Back to Me Now and Paradise By The Dashboard Light.They went on to win, marking the club's first National win since 1993. As stated in Britney 2.0, the McKinley Glee club was established in 1954.


Current Members



So far, only five had a complete solo performance for a competition.

They never start a school year with enough members.

  • First Year - 5 people auditioned and all got accepted.
  • Second Year - 11 Members
  • Third Year - 10 Members
  • Fourth Year - 9 members (since many graduated and only Marley got accepted from the audition)
  • Fifth Year - 4 members (some graduated and others somehow quitted)

Sung in a Competition Rank

Current Members:

  • Jason (Sung 3 times)
  • Harley (Sung twice)
  • Britney,Cameron,Jake, Kitty,Marley,Paige,Ryder (Sung once)
  • Franklin,Paige,Franchessca and Bridget (Haven't sung)

Alumni/Former Members:

  • Rachel (Sung 13 times)
  • Finn (Sung 10 times)
  • Santana and Mercedes (Sung 9 times)
  • Artie (Sunh 7 times)
  • Tina,Blaine, Brittany,Puck, Kurt and Quinn (Sung 4 times)
  • Mike and Sam (Sung twice)
  • Wade,Joe,Matt, Lauren, Rory and Sugar (Haven't sung)

Setlists Of Competitions

Sectionals, 2012

  • An unknown Marley and Ryder duet
  • An unknown Franklin solo


  • The World's Greatest by R Kelly. Solos by Jason
  • Written' in the Stars by Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner. Solos by Jason,Cameron,Harley,Jake and Ryder
  • We Are Golden by Mika. Solos by Marley,Jason,Britney,Harley and Mitch

Regionals, 2013

  • TBA by TBA. Solos by Franklin,Kitty,Marley,Ryder & Jake
  • TBA/TBA by TBA. Solos by Bridget,Cameron,Franchessca and Harley
  • Masquerade by Nicki Minaj. Solos by Franklin