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Jason Marc Bercero
General Information
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 14
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: May 22
Height: 4'2
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: The Love Child Of Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry
Long Lost Twin Bitch Brother
Family & Friends
Family: Jennifer Bercero
Unnamed Father
Relationships: Unnamed Ex-Boyfriend

6 Unnamed Ex-Girlfriends

Friends: Kitty Wilde

Ryder Lynn
Britney Jackson
Jake Puckerman
Franklin Montgomery (kind of)

Enemies: Franklin Montgomery (kind of)
Cameron Summers
Other Information
Interests: Dancing


Clique: New Directions
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Dancing
Vulnerabilities: His Sexuality
Strengths: Sexiness


Weaknesses: Judgement


Series Information
First appearance: A Brand New Direction
Portrayer: Ranz Kyle Ongsee

Jason Bercero is a main character in the fanfic Glee: The Brand New Directions, he along with Avrenz Magtoto are the first one to audition for the New Directions, Emma thinks of him as "The Love Child of Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry" and Kitty thinks of him as her "Long Lost Twin Bitch Brother"

This character is created by Klaineshipper and is portrayed by Ranz Kyle Ongsee


Jason Marc Bercero is the son of Jennifer Bercero, his father left him when he was only 7 months old so he was raised by his mother, his mother is a Filipino and his father is Japanese, he was bullied at school because of him being bisexual but alot of girls loved him for being the most cutest guy at school and is hated by all the guys in school, his father's last name is Hanazono but since he was raised by his mother his last name was Bercero.


Like Emma said, he is "The Love Child of Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry" meaning that he is bitcy and self-centered, the first time he and Franklin interacted he insulted him saying that he dresses like a librarian,looks like a principal and his height is for volleyball players.Jason is friendly but bitchy to people he don't like. He befriended Kitty because they share several personalities (ambitious,bitchy and possesive) he is self-centered like Rachel he doesn't want the spotlight to be stolen from him.

Season One

A Brand New Direction

Jason first appeared as a heartthrob at McKinley, he auditioned for the New Directions with Franklin with the song Breakeven by The Script, they both had the same audition song he complained about this so instead of a solo audition he and Franklin sang it as a duet which dismays him and it made him insult Franklin.Emma called him "The Love Child of Rachel Berry & Santana Lopez". He laters perform Set Fire to The Rain with the glee club.

Pink Friday

He is one of the members that insisted Mr. Schue to make it Nicki Minaj week, he performs Super Bass with Franklin and Marley




Season One

  • Locked Out On Heaven (The Back-Up Plan)
  • The World's Greatest (The Back-Up Plan)
  • Begin Again (TBA)
  • Beautiful Sinner (TBA)
  • One More Night (TBA)

Solos (In a Duet)

Season One

Solos (In a Group Number)

Season One

  • Lady Marmalade (The New Blaine)
  • Wannabe/What a Girl Wants (Mash Off 2.0)
  • Dirrty/Girl Fight Tonight (Mash Off 2.0)
  • Peacock/Hey Mickey! (Mash Off 2.0)
  • Eye Of The Tiger (The Slushie War)
  • Far Away (The Slushie War)
  • Written In The Stars (The Back-Up Plan)